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Toknow’s philosophy:
We are dedicated We are trustworthy

Have a deep understanding of the project
Involve in the project deeply
We take the advantage of an adaptable team and local talents who have a quick mind,persistent,creative, and passionate with a ‘can-do’ attitude
We offers customized services  

Over 10 years’ experience in market research area
Based in Shanghai, with branches in Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Wuhan, Xiamen, Shenyang, we offer services fromresearch to invest. We own nearly a  hundred employees with rich work experience.
We have conducted several thousands of projects across China with professional oversea experts and partners all over the country, standard work flow and rich fieldwork and quality control experience We are the member of Marketing Association

Toknow’s Story:
The name of Toknow comes from two mysterious diagrams in ancient Chinese ‘HeTu’ and ‘Luo Shu’;
Legend has it that a horse-dragon rose out of Yellow River with special markings on its back. Those marks are the ‘He Tu’. And a turtle emerged from River Luo with special markings on its shell. Those marks are the ‘Luo Shu’. Fuxi, the Heavenly Sovereign created Yan-huang Culture according to ‘He Tu’ and ‘Luo Shu’. So Hetu is the fountain of geography; while Luoshu is the guidance for future generations. The future generations regard ‘He Tu’ and ‘Luo Shu’ as the origin of ancient Chinese culture.