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Research type Research method Research model
Industry research Delphi method/expert interview Enterprise in-depth interview Statistical data Second hand data Competitor survey PESTPEST Model、 Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model、 Michael Porter’s Value Chain Model、 4X Model、 SWOT Model
Qualitative research Face to face in-depth interview Focus group In-home in-depth interview Expert interview Photo diary Ethnographic research Mystery customer Shopping experience Brain storm ATP market segmentation model STP market segmentation model Consumer usage and attitude(U&A)research model Customer satisfaction research model(Four-quadrant diagram, KANO model, structural equation model, Service quality model) Price research model (PSM, Gabor Granger method, BPTO)
Quantitative research Central Location Test (CLT)
Central Intercept Test (CIT)
Door-to-door interview
Mailing Research
Onling Research
Face-to-face interview after appointment
Preference research model(Fishbin model)
Competition research model
Business circle analysis model(Huff’s model)
Channel research model
Brand research model(Brand equity measurement model, product quest model)
Product test model
Market forecast model
OTA advertising test model
Auxiliary tool SPSS