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Why choose us?
As capital abroad come into China broadly and capital aggregation rises at home, ToKnow has formed a set of scientific analysis tool and methods acting on international convention, combining the research content of local experience with the international research forms, which has strong industry influence, especially in medical industry.
ToKnow attaches overall importance on innovation tendency of investment bank business and financial instruments, pay attention to new tendency of combination between industry and finance, as well as that of financial mixed operation, to serve financial clients and industry clients in a full scale.
ToKnow involves tens of industries such as retail business, high technology, medicine, agriculture and manufacturing, closely cooperating with globally-renowned fund institutions and investment institutions. We help the investment fund and companies we served find their suitable partners and provide more opportunities and developing space for them.
About a hundred of consultants of ToKnow nationwide go deep into the front line in various enterprises of various industries. Target enterprises of the capital investment are usually our clients; they have built deep mutual-trust relationship with us, which ensures the source and amount of high quality investment projects so as to search for opportunities, select, evaluate and recommend rapidly and effectively.
ToKnow facilitates the capital enterprises with more investing opportunities, and help them effectively avoid the asymmetrical risk and gambling risk in the investment information, reduce error risk of judgment on projects and improve safety factor of investment. Deeply trusted by various enterprises, ToKnow often entirely take charge of the attracting investment and listing issues of the enterprises.
ToKnow has built good mutual-trust relationship and work relationship with dozens of renowned capital institutions at home and abroad, and follow-up investment and joint investment has become the same tendencies of ToKnow and dozens of capital institutions. It is of great significance for the enterprises to improve success rate of financing and optimize background of shareholders.
Consultation teams of ToKnow strongly support the management of capital invested, value-added services, facilitate target enterprises to break the bottlenecks and overcome management problems, ensure the success of investment projects, and achieve all-win of the capital, the enterprise and ToKnow.
Consultation teams of ToKnow manage the whole flow, including observing opportunities, strategic evaluation, value evaluation, negotiation, due diligence investigation, management of capital invested, value-added services and consultation management.
Link of capital market
Introduce VC and PE investors for entrepreneurial enterprises and growing enterprises, introduce strategic investors for big enterprises, including financial investors and industrial investors.
Choose the financing ways and channels that suit the clients most from the perspective of independent financial consultant
Help initially established enterprises, enterprises at growing stage and expansion stage to gain growing capital.
Help enterprises to make developing plan and establish optimal capital structure, improve administrating structure of the company and improve management.
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