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What is customer satisfaction research?

Customer satisfaction research is to find the relationship among the factors that influence customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction and customer consumption behaviors by analyzing the factors that influence customer satisfaction, so as to upgrade the key factors that influence customer satisfaction with optimized cost to change the customer behavior, establish and enhance customer loyalty, decrease customer complaint and the loss of customers, increase repeated purchase behavior, create good brand fame and enhance the competitive strength and profit of the enterprise. 

What kind of problems can be solved by customer satisfaction research?

The important and direct purpose of an enterprise to conduct satisfaction evaluation is to enhance user satisfaction by allocating the resources reasonably and effectively. In order to reach this aim, an enterprise not only needs to know the user evaluation for each of the satisfaction driving factor, but also how big each of the satisfaction driving factor influences user satisfaction. The enterprise will find out the aspects where they should improve user satisfaction based on the evaluation for each of the satisfaction driving factor and its influence to user satisfaction. Only by doing this can the enterprise invest its resources in the area where the input-output ratio is the highest to make improvements so as to obtain the best effect.


Lenovo asks a market research company who is a neutral third party to conduct customer satisfaction for its calling center and take customer satisfaction as an important guidance for the calling center. The calling center is a channel to directly communicate with the customer. So customer satisfaction degree will directly reflect the performance of the calling center. In each customer satisfaction research, samples will be selected from the customers who have received consulting service of Lenovo in a certain period of time. And it is strictly conducted by four steps: customer satisfaction survey, result analyzing, adjusting and improving, executing and improving. The content of the survey includes overall satisfaction, overall dissatisfaction, evaluations of the importance of the factors influencing the service like picking up the phone call timely, work attitude, the standardization of the service. For those who are not satisfied, the senior consultants will call back, find out the reason why they are not satisfied and help them solve the problem timely. All in all, it is an important link to establish customer satisfaction survey and feedback mechanism in the quality management system of the calling center, which can objectively provide customer evaluations of the service and an indispensible part in order to constantly improve service quality. It is a long-term important measurement index for the enterprise to objectively evaluate its past and current operational effect, which is beneficial to the enterprise to establish and cultivate loyal customers and set up good company image. 

How to conduct customer satisfaction research?

To explore users’ requirements of the enterprise by the Focus Group which is open and can stimulate thoughts. Users are the final service objects. So by letting them talking freely we will know what service elements they are satisfied, and then we will define the selecting structure of the index system. After that, it is data analysis stage. Structural Equation Model is a global leading user satisfaction testing method currently. In the Structural Equation Model, there are both visible variables and invisible potential variables. Structural Equation Model can replace such methods as Multiple Regression, Path Analysis, Factor Analysis, and Analysis of Covariance and clearly analyzes the influence of single index of satisfaction to the overall satisfaction and the relationship among all the single indexes. At present, American national satisfaction index, Swedish national satisfaction index and European Union national satisfaction index all adopt this Model to find out the causal relationship between the driving factors of satisfaction degree and the satisfaction degree. The Model uses the most advanced method - PLS method to calculate how big the driving factors influence the satisfaction degree. Only by doing this can the enterprise accurately measure customer satisfaction level and how big the driving factors influences users’ satisfaction, which will provide practical guidance for the enterprise to enhance user satisfaction.