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Advertising test covers the whole process from the creation of advertising concepts to the launch and broadcast of the advertising, including four stages: advertising creativity development, advertising route screening, advertising pre-testing and advertising tracking research.

1.1 What is advertising concept test?

Advertising concept test is to show a group of target consumers a product concept or several alternatives designed preliminarily by the enterprise and to observe their response. We usually use characters or pictures to describe the product concepts when conducing product concept test. A complete product concept includes four parts: the problems met by the consumers, product benefits, supports and advertisement words.


1.2 What problems can be solved by advertising concept test?

In the stage of advertising creativity towards the product concepts, there may be several concepts for the product. Advertising concept test is to reach the following aims according to consumers’ attitude towards each product concept and their response to the product attributes like packaging, color, specification and price: To test the communication effect and attraction of the product concept; To estimate consumers’ purchase willingness to the new product; To make sure whether the content of the product concept needs to improve or enrich. By doing this, we can pick out several most promising product concepts which worth further detailed research.


2.1 What is advertising script test?

Advertising script is also called advertising copy, which shows the advertising creativity in words form to embody the theme of the advertising, shape the image of the advertising and transmit information. It is both the embodiment of advertising creativity and the basis of shooting the advertisement. Advertising script test is to show a group of target consumers several selected advertising script in picture form and obtain the feedback of the consumers.


2.2 What kind of problems can be solved by advertising script test?

The purpose of conducting advertising script test is to let the consumer compare several adverting scripts to help eliminating the advertising creativities with high potential failure rate, picking out the script that will make the best adverting effect and further find out its problems so as to edit and improve the advertising script.


3.1 What is advertising pre-test?

Advertising pre-test is a test conducted before the launch of the advertising. We will have a rough idea of the advertising effect by testing and evaluating the quality of advertising production and estimating its possible influence to the real market. Based on the project requirement, we will recruit target consumers according to the quote, ask them to watch a video recording of the TV programme in a given time and location, solicit opinions from them about the TV programme and finally provide effective data to the client.


3.2 What kind of problems can be solved by advertising pre-test?

The purpose of advertising pre-test is to measure whether the new advertisement can be launched into the market by testing the potential purchase ability of the consumer and their feedback and memory of the advertisement as well as what else can be improved if the advertisement is possible to be launched into the market.


4.1 What is advertising tracking research?

Advertising tracking research is to test the direct effect of the advertisement to the audience, namely the communication effect of the advertisement. It also covers the sales effect of the advertisement by testing the effect of the advertisement to the sales of the enterprise. The communication effect of the advertisement is to judge whether the advertising activity effectively transmit the information of the advertisement and realize the effective communication. The sales effect of the advertisement is mainly shown in the ratio of advertising expense and product sales volume (amount), the measuring standard of which is the increase or decrease of the product sales volume (amount).


4.2 What kind of problems can be solved by advertising tracking research?

Due to the limited marketing budget of the enterprise, they hope to gain the maximum return on sales with minimum advertising expense. The advertising tracking research can help the enterprise know whether they choose the right target consumers, whether the advertisement appealing point is correct, whether the creativity, content and the form of expression is excellent, and whether the brand image conveys what they expected.