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A Co-founder of Toknow Consulting


Leon is the head of consulting partner, is one of the founders of Toknow Consulting. Application of foreign advanced investment philosophy, with positive and optimistic attitude, the team focus on health care, O2O, modern agriculture, consumer goods and services, tourism and cultural fields and other fields of investment and more.

Value the win-win, through various ways to help the rapid growth of enterprises is the ultimate goal.


Charlie Xue
A joint partner of Toknow Consulting

Partner, the Doctor, being engaged in the research of textile and consuming goods for a long time; be good at making product planning and marketing strategies for the enterprises;

Publish over 40 academic theses; obtain over 20 national patents; won the second prize of 2008 National Science and Technology Advancement Award; and provide supports to Toknow’s theoretical research.
Specialize in:
Home textiles


A joint partner of Toknow Consulting

Obtained the master degree of statistics and marketing of Tongji University; be good at both qualitative and quantitative research; can make specific research schemes after having a deep understanding of the demand of the client;

In the project mixed with qualitative and quantitative research, he is good at verifying the research conclusion in the quantitative research and transferring the number into clear strategic suggestions and improving the conclusion in qualitative research. He is also god at theoretical research.
Specialize in:
Food and drink
Health care
River Wu
A joint partner of Toknow Consulting

MBA. He has rich experience in operating projects, have deep understanding of the industries that the projects involve and can make the use of all kinds of research techniques to support the whole research of the project;

He has a strong ability to manage a team, to manage the fieldwork and research work flow of the project which includes research objectives, research methods and research conclusions, so as to well control the research quality and research depth of the project and provide valuable research outcomes to the clients.
Specialize in:
IT and telecommunication

 Real estate

Partner, Account director

With over 10 years experience in understanding the demand of the client and designing the research schemes, she was recognized by a great number of clients by her professional attitude and service philosophy;

She is keenly perceptive when helping the client solve complicated market problems. Having been work for Fortune Global 500 for quite a long time, she has formed a work attitude of always pursuing the best and diligence in her work. She was appraised highly by many of her clients.
Specialize in:
Anna Zhang
Director of quantitative research

Ph.D. of Statistics of East China Normal University. She is in charge of the theoretical research and the development of quantitative research models. She is good at combining the theoretical research with the real situation of the project;

She successfully developed a research model of customer satisfaction research and an applied statistic research software. She made a great contribution to the company in the improvement of theoretical research and the real application. She used to be a associate professor of Statistic Department of Shanghai Finance University.
Specialize in: