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Concentrating on various domestic medical equipment market, endeavoring more than 10 years and accumulating hundreds of medical research projects, ToKnow has cultivated senior experts in domestic medical research field, providing accurate and particular market analysis, additionally, helping clients to develop target market more accurately or providing accurate basis for clients to develop products.

Through analysis on various famous national hospitals for decades, ToKnow has established medical analysis database of nationwide hospitals of its own, in which extreme valuable information on medical equipments and consumption information are available for medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as information on the medical equipment behavior and degree of satisfaction. It makes marketing strategy for enterprises and provides basis for product research.

The medical analysis database of nationwide hospitals estiblished by Toknow has covered information on laboratory department, pathological department and surgery department in main nationwide 3rd class hospitals and 2nd class hospitals, and information of new hospitals, departments and doctors are updated continuously. Currently, fixed sample groups consisted by 4,000 nationwide 2nd class hospitals and 3rd class hospitals and more than 10,000 doctors’ information in nationwide main cities, which represent the practical distribution of doctors in various hospitals in different places quite well, better facilitate the medical equipment enterprises to make development strategies, marketing strategies as well as enterprise strategies accordingly based on the practical market status.

ToKonw medical consultation research products include:
Clinical check analysis equipment
Basic surgical operation equipments
Extracorporeal circulation and blood process equipment
Interventional equipments
Chest cardiovascular surgery equipments
Medical test and equipment foundations