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Compared with prescription market, the research content of OTC retailing drug consultation is quite different because the basic operation mode is different. In the whole, market competition in the OTC retailing drug market is quite fierce, and there is obvious separation between the enterprise brand and the product brand. Therefore, consumers are confused when purchasing the product in the retail terminal. Usually they consider the brand as the primary factor in decision making, considering that brand represents effect and safety. Thus, presently most enterprises pay great attention to building the enterprise brand or the product brand and propagandizing and promoting the brand.

As more and more manufacturers pay more attention to advertising and promoting of brands, improvement of products and development of new product has put forward higher and higher requirements to enterprises’ marketing and brand building abilities. Medical research department of ToKnow could provide OTC enterprises with advanced market analyzing methods and deeper consumer insight by our experience in OTC retailing market and the research models.

In OTC retailing market, service of ToKnow medical health research department includes:
Demand explorations of treatment drug
Product concept and product positioning research
Pricing research
Advertisement pretesting (product concept, script test, copy writing test, OAT) TVC advertisement effect test (post test)
Advertisement effect analysis
OTC consumer U&A
Pharmacy channel research (distribution, sales effect…)br /> Brand capital research
Drugstore consumer research
Sales promotion effect analysis