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Since 2002, ToKnow began to set food in the medical consultation field and established independent medical research department in 2004, mainly serving global famous enterprises and domestic listing companies in the medical field, deeply touching into the forefront life science field in Chinese medical market, providing market research service and marketing consultation solutions for clients.

In five years since 2004 to 2009, ToKnow medical research department gradually established professional research team in medical consultation field, which include research experts in medical background, senior consultants in relevant research and marketing field, professional consultants who have ever worked in global top medical industrial companies, experts in relevant government departments and medical departments. Besides, based on researches in the medical consultation fields, ToKnow has established various types of medical research and consultation databases (hospital & doctor analysis database, hospital medical equipments analysis database, patient analysis database, etc.) , and established research and consultation procedures and standards that suit Chinese market.

Hospital & doctor analysis database established by ToKnow has covered all 3rd class and 2nd class hospitals nationwide with continuous update and add of information of new hospitals and doctors. The Fixed sample group is consisted of more than 4000 2nd class and 3rd class nationwide hospitals and more than 30,000 doctors in main cities across the country, which well represent the real distribution of the doctors in the hospitals of various regions. This makes Toknow have the advantages in the field of doctor interview and data collecting. Based on analysis and research on these data, enterprises in medical industries can make corresponding marketing policies and strategies according to the real treatment market.

ToKnow has established hospital medical equipments analysis database at the same time, which can provide medical equipment products using and consuming information with great reference value for the medical equipment manufacturers, as well as the information on doctors’ behavior of using medical equipments and degree of satisfaction.

We also have established patients analysis database, providing information of product U&A for the medicine manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers and health care products manufacturers, and also providing direction for enterprises to develop new products.


Medical consultation research of ToKnow is an overall perspective, including medical equipment market, prescription drug market and OTC market. It endeavors to explore motivation, attitude, behavior, and market effects and interaction exerted by members in the various links who are relevant to the success of the products.